Visual storytelling


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In the worlds of social media, marketing, and design, you only have a few seconds for your brand to capture someone’s attention. This also applies when your brand is yourself.

Share your story

I personally believe everything starts with a story, so I wanted to tell mine on a profile of mine. Having only six photo areas and a short description area below, I had to make the most of it.

One thing I’ve learned from working in theme parks and studying airports and other facilities that have to process many people is that when people see a sign, they’ll often slow down to read it. In the case of airports and theme parks, that might not be the best situation, however, applying this to people checking out a profile, slowing users down to read your story is the ideal result. I applied it with much success and wanted to create an app that could allow others to easily create their own images for visual storytelling.

Using Spark couldn’t be simpler, just login with Instagram, choose a photo and add text and download!

The tech side

Spark was created for a class in just under a month while battling against the storm of Hurricane Irma. Although the course only required a web application that used an external API, I wanted to push myself to pick up React Native to create a native mobile application and even deploy it to Test Flight on iOS.