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For my Web Design Portfolio 6 course (WD6), I had to create a project proposal and build out a functioning shopping cart application for a fictitious WD6 International company. After much research and competitive analysis, I wanted to tailor it towards Disney Parks for my own concept of ParkPacks that I think Disney could implement into their own My Disney Experience app.

Home screen
Landing page.
Item description screen
ParkPack for sale.

What’s a ParkPack?

The concept for ParkPacks is to create a pre-planned vacation, where guests choose from an assortment of pre-planned packages over a variety of durations and themes. A package would be shipped home to each guest in a party containing their customized MagicBand, some trading pins and other small exclusive merchandise to excite them for their upcoming trip. When the guest arrives everything, including their resort stay, meal reservations, Fastpass+ selections and other events such as special tours, and character meet-and-greets would all be set up, so the guests don’t have to stress about planning and can just enjoy a special seamless vacation experience.

ParkPack artwork
Imagineering ParkPack mailer box.

The artwork

I created custom product artwork by playing around with Adobe Creative Cloud’s new Dimension app to create a three-dimensional box. The rendered results seemed quite professional grade. Other artwork was provided from Unsplash.

Behind the curtain

The shopping cart itself was created in PHP using the Laravel framework with responsive design in mind. It includes social sign-in with Twitter integration, reviews, checkout with Stripe. Cart items are stored in a session when logged out, but transfers items to the and merges with the user’s cart in the database upon login. Checkout can be completed as a guest or a registered user.

Cart checkout screen
Hybrid checkout that saves to session and account.