2017 Development Showcase

Full Sail University

Join me after just finishing my 18th month at Full Sail University as I recap where I've been and showcase where I'm going.

Mentioned projects include:

This was one of my first major C# projects. It's a terminal console turn-based RPG game using randomness to generate attacks. I first started on this project in my Scaleable Data Infrastructures course, and later expanded on it in my Project and Portfolio I course. Gameplay involves choosing a character, then being paired with a random opponent. Then each turn each player rolls a dice and moves their player the rolled amount of spaces on the game board. Using the distance and other factors such as health and attack strength, players play until defeat.
Luke's Wicked Halloween Spooktacular
I wanted to create an immersive get together with a few friends for Halloween. The best way to do this was to program everything, then I could spend less time on maintaining the event, and more time with my friends. Some special highlights include timing sound effects with light effects using Phillips Hue light bulbs, some custom animation work, and running movies in a separate room that started on a timer, and turned the lights off at start and on at credits.
Movie Nights
I created many various movie night events with custom remote web apps for each night that could greet friends by name, play/pause the movie and change lights to custom configurations. The app's remote and movie viewer client applications were created using jQuery and the server was ran using PHP, and integrating my own custom lights, time, and events API's to make it all stay in sync.
LukeiD is a single-sign-on OAuth2 platform that provides authentication for my other applications.
I wanted to take my movie experience even further by creating an app that let me find a movie, press play, and handle everything by serving an events-driven API and socket server. This allows possibilities like lights and thermostats syncing with scenes or movie start/credit times to actually happen. I used a combination of Laravel, React, Electron, Socket.IO, and Redis to make it happen and utilized The Movie Database for performing movie matching, and to provide the data. I also created a custom image resizing micro-service to ensure consistent cover and backdrop art.
I wanted to create a realtime multiplayer gaming experience, so I took on recreating the classic game UNO. I made this app possible by using the Laravel PHP framwork, Redis, Socket.IO and Vue.js.
Projection game
This is a really new prototype creation and concept of mixing projection mapping and games together.